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"Enthralling! The mix of absurdism and intellectualism is perfect!"
—Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

"The fest's most feel-good film..."
—John Lichman, The Wrap [on SXSW]

"Entertaining… a fun place to hang out"
—Time Out London

"Loved it!"
—Twitch Film

"Very engaging....This is more than just a real-life Clerks."
—Erik Childress,

"Every minute spent in the Corner Parking Lot is stimulating and the end, you won’t want to leave."
—The Austinist

"a 100 percent hidden gem"

"...populated by a cast of characters Terry Gilliam couldn't dream up....By the end of the film, it's clear that many of these guys — and they are all guys — are destined to do something."
—Sandy Hausman, NPR

"This film has what so many films reach towards and miss: Character."
—Box Office Magazine

"The perfect kind of independent film. Entertaining and somewhat educational."
—The Huffington Post

"Refreshingly original, spirited and provocative. Get ready for a surprisingly enlightening and amusing experience."
—NYC Movie Guru

"At once an intimate portrait of the transient denizens of a humble parking lot booth, and a damning expose of a generation in crisis....It's also pretty damn funny, and populated with smart characters that veer from acerbic to goofy without breaking a sweat. You'll never double-park again (hopefully)."
— Jim Kolmar, SXSW

" If there is only one film you see at Hot Docs 2010 it has to be The Parking Lot of the most brilliantly put together pieces I've seen this year."
— City TV, Toronto

"A hilarious cast of characters will keep you laughing throughout...Grade: A."
- Film School Rejects

"Not only was I completely entertained, but I wanted to drop out of life and work at the Corner Parking Lot for a year, you know, to get my head straight. "
- Row Three

"These men possess wonderfully dry senses of humour that transform the dullest of subject matter into a fun visit with people you would like to know better. "
- They Shoot Actors, Don't They

"It really is a remarkable film, because it hits you on so many different levels. "
- Lonely Reviewer

"Hilarious flick showing there’s more to business than just money....The attendants who work, or have worked, in the lot are some of the most interesting characters I’ve ever seen on the screen "
- The Film Reel

"A hilarious indictment of capitalism, class politics, and car culture. "
- Angie Driscoll, Hot Docs Film Festival

The Parking Lot Movie is a slice of Zen heaven, a tiny perfect movie shot in a single location. "
— Macleans

"Definitely recommended if you are looking at having a good time. "
- The Panic Manual

"Meghan Eckman’s charming little documentary makes an awfully convincing case for the lot as a key battleground in America’s ongoing culture war, not to mention a fun place to hang out on a Saturday afternoon. "
- NOW Toronto

"You'll probably laugh a lot. It's a movie packed with bits that are funny not just because they're true, but because they're hilariously presented. 5 stars."
— Jay Seaver,

" Incredibly entertaining, managing to turn a seemingly mundane job into a source of philosophical thought and social experiment. ."
— Shelagh M Rowan-Legg

"I'd Love My Job If It Weren't for the F**king Customers "

"Meghan Eckman and Christopher Hlad hope to do for the humble tarmac what Spellbound did for spelling bees. It’s safe to say that you will never look at a sign reading “$5 for the half hour” the same way again."
— Squallyshowers

"The backwaters of college towns are generally more colorful than elsewhere, and Charlottesville, Va., is no exception...director Eckman's production is stunning."
- Austin Chronicle

“Meghan Eckman’s documentary adroitly reflects the spirit, the humor and the grass roots philosophy of all her subjects via the irreverent and surprising parking lot attendants themselves. This movie is a blast!”
—Mark Johnson, Producer - Narnia Chronicles, Diner, Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam

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